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We offer an extensive array of quality products and services for both the cannabis extract and essential oils industries. Proper filtration of botanical extracts is essential for providing a product that is both free of contaminants and that meets the quality standards of today’s consumers.

With CLEAR Solutions as your botanical extract filtration partner, you will have access to our vast network of industry experts and our diverse line of first-class filtration products.

Cannabis Extract Filtration

Filtration for cannabis extract takes place between extraction and evaporation.

To achieve a truly superior end-product, your filtration solution should be split up into four stages: pre-filtration, clarification, decolorization and polishing.

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Extract Filtration




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The pre-filtration stage for cannabis extract involves removing large waxes and plant particulate from the post-winterized crude.

Most extraction systems utilize basic filtration, but these filters don’t catch everything. Filter bags are an inexpensive, yet effective way to remove plant debris and sediment from crude and will help extend the life of more expensive filters downstream.

We offer state-of-the-art filter bags with fully customizable media, size and retention to suit the needs of any application.

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The next step of the extract filtration process is clarification and dewaxing. During this stage, the crude is filtered through a depth filter media to remove the smaller plant waxes and lipids and increase the crude's overall clarity.

We offer lenticular filters impregnated with diatomaceous earth that are ideal for removal of plant waxes and lipids and are extremely effective at removing haze-causing particles.

Lenticular filtration allows you to achieve highly effective removal of fine particulate without sacrificing flow rate.

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Color Remediation

For processors using crude extracted with ethanol, color remediation (or "decolorization") is a necessary step to improving the color of the final distillate.

This process is facilitated by mixing the crude with a decolorizing agent such as activated carbon. The activated carbon pulls out unwanted color bodies such as chlorophyll without compromising the potency or purity.

Utilizing lenticular filters infused with activated carbon allows for efficient, inline removal of undesired color without the hassle of dealing with loose powders.

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Polishing Filtration

The final step of the cannabis extract filtration process is the post filter. This polishing step removes any remaining cellulose fibers or carbon fines from the crude before it enters the evaporation stage.

Adding an absolute-rated cartridge filter to the end of your filter train will capture any remaining fine particulate with maximum efficiency, ensuring that your evaporation and distillation equipment is protected.

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Talk with a filtration specialist today.

4-Stage Cannabis Processing Skid

Looking for an all-in-one solution to cannabis extract filtration? ErtelAlsop’s 4-Stage Cannabis Processing Skid is a fully customizable, turnkey solution for filtration of post-winterized ethanol crude.

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