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Botanical Extract Filtration

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Botanical Extract Filtration

In the ever-expanding market of concentrates, consumers are looking for quality products that are free of contaminants. Proper filtration is crucial to ensuring product quality, clarity and purity.

The filtration phase of the botanical manufacturing process takes place between extraction and solvent recovery.

Botanical Extraction


Extract Filtration


Solvent Recovery

Solvent Recovery

Extract Filtration Process

Filtration for botanical extract is split up into four stages.

Botanical Extract Particulate Removal
Particulate Removal
Botanical Extract Particulate Removal
Botanical Extract Color Remediation
Color Remediation
Botanical Extract Polishing

Particulate Removal

Most extraction systems utilize basic filtration, but these filters don’t catch everything. Filter bags are an inexpensive, yet effective way to remove plant debris and sediment from crude and will help extend the life of more expensive filters downstream.

Felt Filter Bag

We offer state-of-the-art filter bags with fully customizable media, size and retention to suit the needs of any application.

Advantage of filter bags:

  • Low cost of consumables
  • Ease of use
  • Low impact on flow rate
  • Extends life of downstream filters


Dewaxing is the process of removing waxes and lipids from crude at cold temperatures. Whether winterizing or using cryo-extraction, dewaxing remains a crucial step in the refinement of crude extract.

Lenticular filters continue to be the most efficient way to handle dewaxing of oils due to their large surface area and use of depth filter media.

Dewaxing Lenticular Filter

We offer the best lenticular filters in various end configurations and micron ratings.

Benefits of lenticular filtration:

  • High flow rate
  • Easy to install & replace
  • Long lasting
  • Diatomaceous earth/perlite filter aid

Color Remediation

Dark or green extract is caused by dye stuffs such as chlorophyll that are co-extracted during the initial extraction process.

Activated Carbon is specifically engineered to pull out chlorophyll, removing unwanted color and odor without compromising potency.

Activated Carbon Lenticular

We offer lenticular filters that are impregnated with Activated Carbon. This allows for quick and efficient color remediation without the mess of dealing with carbon powders.

Benefits of activated carbon lenticulars:

  • Efficient removal of chlorophyll from crude
  • Eliminates the need to mix/filter carbon powders
  • Carries all the benefits of lenticular filtration


Evaporation and distillation require incoming crude to be as clean as possible to avoid damage to equipment. For this reason, it is essential to implement a polishing step using an absolute-rated filter to trap any remaining particulate in the solution.

Absolute-rated filter media is designed to catch particulate at a 99.98% efficiency for the given micron size. This ensures a polished crude that won’t damage your distillation or evaporation equipment.

Poly-MAXX Absolute-Rated Filter

We offer absolute-rated, pleated filter cartridges that provide both high-efficiency and high throughput.

Benefits of absolute-rated filter cartridges:

  • Reliable and consistent filtration at maximum efficiency
  • Pleated design allows for high flowrate
  • 100% polypropylene material for optimal compatibility with solvents
  • Thermally bonded to eliminate bypass

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