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CLEAR Solutions, Inc.

About CLEAR Solutions, Inc.

CLEAR Solutions’ Team of filtration specialists have over 40 years of process filtration experience. We take pride in being a trusted resource for customers by providing them with the latest product innovations and unparalleled support.

Together, we have built a long list of loyal customers by being singularly focused on solving difficult process clarification and purification challenges.

This combined with Design Engineering, Lab Services, Technical Support and a commitment to holding local inventories makes us a strategic supplier that gives customers a refreshing alternative to the long lead times and lack of in-person support they get when dealing directly with a large brand manufacturer. At CLEAR Solutions, you’re not just a number.

Our extensive network of manufacturers allows us to specify the right tool for the job, not just what is available through one brand.

It’s also comforting to know that when you work with us, you can expect to have a supplier partner who will hold local safety stock of your specific filters. Local safety stock is strategically designed to buffer against unexpected process upsets and greatly reduce or even eliminate the potential for revenue lost due to downtime of critical production equipment.

We also make your job easier by offering you the option to purchase products by ordering on our online store. This way, even on the night shift, you can be assured that filters will be on their way to you as quickly as possible. Even the same day when you place your order before 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Meet Our Management Team

Product Offerings

Filtration Systems
Replacement Elements
Tubing & Hose Assemblies
Mixers & Tank Accessories

Industries Served

Water & Wastewater
Food & Beverage
Oil & Gas
Electric Utility
Power Generation
Chemical Manufacturing

Services Provided

System Sizing & Specification
Technical Support & Troubleshooting
Equipment Surveys
Laboratory Services
On-site Filterability Studies
Personalized Order Management
Consignment Inventory Programs