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Facilities Water Filtration

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Facilities Water Filtration

At CLEAR Solutions, we specialize in cost effective filtration equipment for central plant water delivery of hot water, chilled water, cooling tower water and systems using reclaimed water supplied by your municipality.

We are proud to introduce a new category of equipment especially designed to address the ecological threat posed by pollutants like lead, mercury and chlorine in fire sprinkler discharge in accordance with Executive Orders 13614 and 13693 and California State Fire Marshal.

Let us show you how we can help you to protect your equipment and stay in compliance with State and Federal pollution mandates while keeping your cost of ownership low.

Introducing the EcoSmart Filter…

Fire suppression sprinkler system discharge contains dangerous pollutants like lead, mercury, and chlorine. While some fire protection professionals and in-house maintenance personnel transport this discharge to a safe disposal site during regular tests and maintenance, time and cost make this method infeasible for most.

Instead, the polluted water is often discharged onto parking lots or diverted into landscaping, where it can find its way into storm drains, other receiving waters, or percolate into the ground water table. This polluted water with its “heavy metals” content is generally discarded into the environment, which contributes to the contamination of our oceans, rivers, waterways and soil. But now, that can change.

The EcoSmart Filter effectively filters this discharge on-site. It was invented by a fire protection engineer who understands the challenge of finding a practical solution for legally and responsibly flushing fire suppression sprinkler systems.

ecosmart filtration system front image
ecosmart results before and after

Before and After

  • Easily portable for one person operation
  • Removes contaminants, including heavy metals, sediment and chlorine
  • Meets EPA grey water standards
  • Includes all connections for drain outlets, FDC system flushes and sprinkler head inspector’s test
  • NFPA 25 compliant

Instructional Videos

EcoSmart Filter How-To
EcoSmart XM Filter How-To

ecosmart before and after filtration results chart

Note the difference in heavy metal levels before and after filtration as they relate to the acceptable maximum.

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