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CLEAR Solutions, Inc. is your Food and Beverage partner for all of your food processing and manufacturing needs. Whether you need filtration products, high purity tubing, custom hose assemblies, laboratory products, sanitary gaskets, or sock screen gaskets, CLEAR Solutions has what you need. Our custom solutions are designed to fit your specific industry and desires. We offer applications engineering & design, filterability studies, and rental equipment. Custom labeling, barcoding, kitting and packaging are available as well. We also specialize in inventory management and logistics solutions. CLEAR Solutions will help you lower the overall cost of ownership for your food and beverage processes.

Beverage Industry

The filtration technologies provided by CLEAR Solutions, Inc. allow for precise separation without diminishing your product’s unique characteristics.

Water Quality is critical to producing a consistently high quality final product. We offer technologies for particle filtration, ion exchange, RO systems and chlorine / chloramines removal. We focus on technologies that extend life and reduce solid waste disposal, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership.

Initial Clarification separates the wort, yeast cells, etc. sometimes referred to as lees or trub from the Green Beer. Depth filtration technologies accomplish this step with low cost of ownership and eas of operation.

Beer Trap Filtration downstream of the initial clarification stage further reduces particulate load to ensure a consistent quality of Bright Beer is ready for intermediate storage. Filter presses and depth cartridges are cost effective options of removing filter aids and any solids left behind by the first clarification step.

Cold Stabilization using pleated PES cartridges, or “candle” filters, is important to remove spoilage organisms such as yeast and bacteria, while avoiding any oxidation from pasteurization that can compromise flavor. It also reduces energy and water demand, while delivering a longer shelf-life than pasteurization methods. These filters are integrity-testable and stand up well to CIP allowing for repeated use. High flow rates and absolute filtration ensure a high quality, consistent beer.

Gas and Vent Filtration: Sterile filtration of gases can be crucial to maintaining microbial stability on a bottling line. Highly hydrophobic (water repelling) PTFE 0.2 µm membrane allows for high gas flow rates, prevents wetting, and maintains a sterile barrier.

Tank and Tote Cleaning Equipment from Gamajet uses high-pressure impingement spray nozzles to scour the inner surfaces of your tank in a fraction of the time required in manual cleaning procedures. Advantages are 80% reduction in water and chemical use, 85% decrease in time spent cleaning, 100% decrease in manual cleaning and eliminates confined space entry concerns.

Fluid Transfer hose assemblies, tubing, fittings, valves, pumps, screen and sock gaskets from the finest names in the food and beverage industry.

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