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Nowata 1SY, 1UY and 1HY Series

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Nowata 1SY, 1UY and 1HY Series

The Nowata 1SY, 1UY and 1HY cartridge filter housings are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 cartridge length models. These high pressure housings feature three materials of construction: The carbon steel 1SY model, the 316 stainless steel 1UY model, and the Hastelloy C276 1HY model. All models are available in either 1440 or 3000 psi. The 3000 psi model has lifting handles located on the body. These housings hold Double Open End (DOE) cartridge elements which are mounted on a rigid support post with a threaded end seal. The standard filter cartridge dimensions are 2-1/2” outside diameter by 1” inside diameter.

Single cartridge housing models (1C) hold either a 9-3/4” or a 10” cartridge element. The 9-3/4” or 10” length DOE cartridge elements can stack together on the support post of the (2C), (3C) and (4C) housing models. . A single, 19-1/2” or 20” long cartridge can be utilized in the (2C) model. . Likewise, a single 29-1/4” or 30” length cartridge can be installed in the (3C) model, or 3 single lengths can be used. The (4C) model holds 4 single lengths or one 40” long cartridge.

The filter head has inline, 1” FNPT, Inlet and Outlet connections. The tubular body is flange mounted to the head. The body of the filter is connected to the head by 4 bolts and sealed with an o-ring. Each model has a 1/4” FNPT, drain. The head mounts directly in the flow line. The filter may be mounted in any position. The fluid or gas passes through the cartridge media where particles of contaminant are removed and trapped. The clean fluid or gas then flows into the rigid cartridge support post and out of the housing.



  • 1SY carbon steel, 1UY 316 stainless steel, or 1HY Hastelloy C276 construction
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 cartridge length models
  • 1440 or 3000 psi working pressure
  • Multiple o-ring materials available (Buna is standard)
  • For fluid filtration, gas filtration and gas/liquid coalescing
  • 1” internal pipe thread inlet/outlet connections
  • 1/4” internal pipe thread drain is standard
  • Optional 1/4” internal pipe thread differential pressure ports Built to ASME code standards (optional U stamp available)