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Alpha Series Depth Filter Media

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Alpha Series Depth Filter Media

Alpha Series depth filter media formulated with cellulose is specifically designed for use in liquid filtration applications where contact with other media and filter aid components is not allowed. The cellulose of ErtelAlsop Alpha Series™ are listed in the CFR as generally recognized as safe for contact with food as dictated by 21CFR 176.170.


ErtelAlsop Alpha Series™ filter sheets are composed of cellulose only. This allows for the highly efficient removal of particles smaller than the filter’s nominal rating.

Product Testing

Product testing is always available either at your facility, through our network of distributors, or at our in-house laboratory.

Pilot Testing – Rentals

For in-plant testing and scale-up procedures, ErtelAlsop offers a variety of lab filters for rent. A portion of rental fees can be applied to the purchase of your full production filter.

GradeNominal Retention