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AquaKV-Pak® Depth Filter

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AquaKV-Pak® Depth Filter Cartridges

AquaKV-Pak® depth filter cartridges were developed specifically for the retention of water contamination in transformer and turbine lube oils in addition to the retention of particulate down to sub-micronic levels.  Added to the retention capabilities of the Disc-Pak® is an enhanced capacity for the retention of free and dissolved water.  Particle retention does not affect water-holding capacity, which has been documented at up to 120 oz. per 9 cell Pak.  The AquaKv-Paks® can recondition your dielectric fluids to meet or exceed ASTM and manufacturer’s standards.

Product Specifications

  • Filter Type: Depth
  • Filter Rating: Nominal
  • Micron Ratings: 1, 5, and 10 micron
  • Diameter: 12″ or 16″
  • Medias: All cellulose (no resins, binders, filters or synthetic micro fibers)
  • Materials of Construction (core): Polypropylene core and supports
  • Applications: Oils & Gases, Industrial