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Bio-Pak® Depth Filter

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Bio-Pak® Depth Filter Cartridges

Bio-Pak® depth filter cartridges are specifically designed for critical applications to prevent bypass at the cartridge sealing surfaces.  The first U.S. manufactured double O-ring filter element, the Bio-Pak® cartridge for the Pharmaceutical market provides a relatively high flow rate, positive electrical charge, and superior retention of ultra-fine particles.  The Bio-Pak® filters are ideal for downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals, plasma fractionation and the bulk filtration of culture media, topicals and intermediates filtration.

Product Specifications

  • Filter Type: Depth
  • Filter Rating: Nominal
  • Micron Ratings: 0.25 to 15 micron
  • Diameter: 12 inch or 16 inch
  • Medias: All cellulose (no resins, binders, filters or synthetic micro fibers); Cellulose with filter aid (Perlite or DE) and resin binders; Cellulose with carbon
  • Materials of Construction (core): Polypropylene core and supports
  • Applications: Process Fluids, Pharmaceutical & Biotech
  • End Cap: Double O-ring
  • Number of Cells: 5 to 18