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Biomass Extraction Bag

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Biomass Extraction Bag (BEB)

CLEAR Solutions’ Biomass Extraction Bag (BEB) is made specifically to fit the needs of botanical extraction applications where ethanol is used as a solvent. These are designed for securely holding biomass during ethanol soak and centrifugal spin cycles.

The sidewalls and bottom are made of polypropylene felt depth media, providing better retention of small particles and plant material as well as extending the life and re-usability of the bag. The polypropylene walls help prevent tearing during reuse while maintaining a high flow rate. The top of the bag is made with a nylon mesh to allow for optimal flow of ethanol over the biomass.

The bag comes standard with a zipper at the top as well as two handle straps on the sides to allow for easy loading and unloading.

Multiple sizes of the bag are available depending on the size of the centrifuge. The 15-gallon and 30-gallon bags are specifically designed to fit the Delta Separations CUP-15 and CUP-30 centrifuges.


  • Tear resistant mesh top
  • Durable felt sides
  • Better reusability
  • High flowrate
  • Ease of use
  • Better filtration of solids
  • Designed to fit the popular CUP-15 and CUP-30
    centrifuges by Detla Separations

Materials of Construction

  • Top: Nylon Mesh
  • Sides: Polypropylene Felt
  • Handles: Polypropylene

Available Sizes

  • 15-Gallon (CUP-15)
  • 30-Gallon (CUP-30)

Biomass Extraction Bag Spec Sheets

Product Specifications

Top MaterialNylon Mesh
Side/Bottom MaterialPolypropylene Felt
Handle Strap MaterialPolypropylene Felt
Available Sizes (gallon)15, 30