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Carbon & Chemical Ready

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Carbon & Chemical Ready

Strainrite’s Carbon & Chemical Ready filter¬†is designed to separate and remove undesirable substances from liquid streams. This proprietary filter bag features an impervious inner liner that does not allow liquids to escape through the side walls. This maximizes contact time with the media and enhances effluent consistency. A zippered top disc allows for easy insertion of your media. The clean effluent passes through the bottom and exits the bag.


  • Zippered top disc makes media loading easy
  • Available in either polypropylene or chemically resistant nylon plastic
  • Non-fiber releasing material
  • Excellent nominal efficiency performance when utilized with a support basket
  • Hygienically superior to cartridge filtration due to inside-out flow dynamic, all impurities are contained inside the filter bag
  • Reduced product loss due to virtually no media hold-up volume


  • Plating
  • Parts Cleaning
  • Machine Cutting Fluids
  • Produced Water
  • Waste Water
  • Groundwater Remediation

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