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Electric Utility & Dielectric Oil

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Electric Utility & Dielectric Oil

The ErtelAlsop series of utility filters and filter units are available in a wide range of configurations. Available in Portable Carts, Handtruck or Over-the-Road Trailer Designs. Versatility and perfomance; Coupled with the ErtelAlsop Pak® concept of liquid filtration, you can obtain filtration of insulating oils which meet original manufacturers specifications. Flow rates for filter units range from 15 GPM to 100 GPM. Continuous improvements and innovations allow ErtelAlsop to maintain their position as a leader in the liquids processing industry. We are “The Quality Standard™” by which others are measured.

Look for the Aqua Kv Pak®, Zeta Dri Pak® and Disc Pak® for maintaining your insulating oil to your Kv specification.

Plate Dimension12” round305 mm round
Ports2 internal2 internal
Area/Filter Sheet0.62 ft20.058 m2
Cake Vol./12.5 mm inlet0.16 gal0.62 liters
Cake Vol./25 mm inlet0.36 gal1.35 liters
Cake Vol./37.5 mm inlet0.54 gal2.03 liters
Cake Vol./50 mm inlet0.71 gal2.70 liters
Standard Height3.28 ft1.0 meters
Standard Width1.48 ft0.45 meters
Range of Length2.46-6.56 ft0.75-2.0 meters
Batch SizeUp to 2,642 galUp to 10,000 liters
Flow Rate20 gpmUp to 74 lpm