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Food-Flex Gasket

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Food-Flex Gasket

Food-Flex Gasket, the next generation in unitized gasket technology, was designed specifically for purity and performance in critical food and beverage applications.

A Food-Flex Gasket’s contact surface is PTFE unitized to a Buna rubber inner core. This totally bonded construction provides a PTFE gasket with the inert, non-stick characteristics and memory of an elastomer gasket without pigmentation or spalling.

Food-Flex will not absorb product, thus eliminating flavor transfer and reducing the need for costly gasket changeouts.

Unlike standard PTFE gaskets, once clamped (30 in./lb.), Food-Flex eliminates leaks in XT situations and resists all CIP (Clean in Place) media.

Food-Flex outperforms all standard elastometric gaskets by providing 2x – 6x extended service life and helps eliminate costly process interruptions in food and beverage production.

Food-Flex is suitable for use in homogenizers, carbo coolers, filtration housings and pasteurizers. Meets FDA, 3A and USDA requirements.