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Nowata 7NC20 & 11NC22 Series

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Nowata 7NC20 & 11NC22 Series

The Nowata 7NC20 & 11NC22 Series canisters are the most convenient type of activated carbon absorbers for systems with flow rates up to 57 gpm (using multiple canisters). The canisters make charcoal replacement much easier and cleaner than using loose charcoal beds. These canisters keep the operator from handling messy charcoal. The contaminated, spent charcoal is difficult to dispose of unless it is contained in a canister form.

Charcoal replacement canisters are designed for liquid flow from outside through the granulated charcoal into the center core. The treated fluid then exits out the sealed end of the center core. The hydrocarbon contaminants are removed through the adsorption process rather than mechanical filtration as in particulate filters.


  • Amine and Glycol purification
  • Hydrocarbon adsorbtion
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Boiler feed water treatment


  • Carbon steel perforated metal shell and core
  • Buna rubber end seals bonded to shell
  • Nowata 11NC22 canister holds approximately 31 lbs. of activated carbon
  • Canisters fit Nowata C series filter housings and many competitor housings
  • Canisters keep the operator from handling messy bulk charcoal
  • Convenient lifting handle
  • Maximum flow rate per canister is approximately 1.50 gpm
  • Using multiple canisters can provide flow rates of up to 57 gpm