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Nowata H Series Horizontal Multi-Cartridge

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Nowata H Series Horizontal Multi-Cartridge

The Nowata H Series Horizontal, multi-cartridge filter housing has the unique design of assuring the elements are seated in the mount receptacles before the closure can be tightened. This prevents improper reseating of cartridges prior to being placed into service and also keeps possible system back pressure from dislodging the elements from their respective seals. The design also includes an internal element support plate to aid in dirty element removal without damage to element supports from dead weight deflection.

Filter cartridge access is conveniently located close to the operators waist making filter change-out quicker and easier. Standard material of construction is carbon steel or stainless steel. In stainless steel construction, only wetted parts are stainless. The following non-wetted parts are made of carbon steel; Zinc plated bolts and nuts, davit arm assembly, leg assembly, and bolting lug assemblies.


  • Filter housings contain twice as much surface area for the same diameter vessel as competitive products
  • Unique guide tubes for easy, accurate installation of cartridges
  • Dual O-Rings on elements seal themselves as the vessel cover is tightened, insuring no liquid bypass. Springs or cups are not used
  • Gauge ports and drain ports are pre-tapped making gauges and valves easy to install
  • Multiple options are available for housing o-rings
  • Optional air eliminator that releases air from the vessel which eliminates manual venting. Automatic venting insures full use of the available filter surface area
  • Vessels meet ASME Code Section VIII, Division I which insures premium material and construction for safety, quality and longer vessel life