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Nowata H Series Universal Plex

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Nowata H Series Universal Plex

The H series, Universal Plex cartridge housings are plexed, or put in series, for optimal filtration and can utilize up to 4 housings in series. An advantage of the plexed configuration of the housings is that filtration can continue while one or more housings are off-line, during cartridge replacement. The Universal Plex system is offered with 2, 3 or 4 housings in the plexed configuration.

These housings have the unique design of assuring the cartridge elements are seated in the mount receptacles before the closure can be tightened. This prevents improper reseating of cartridges prior to being placed into service and also keeps possible system back pressure from dislodging the elements from their respective seals. The design also has an angled mounting to keep the media removal from becoming high and unsafe. Offered with or without isolation valves, you pay only for the options you need.

Our exclusive V-bar cartridge support guide is designed to make cartridge installation easier and will accomodate 740 style cartridge elements with a 6 inch outside diameter.

Housings can be customized to meet special requirements. Typical options include inlet/outlet valves, vent valves, drain valves, system pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges and stress relief.

Options for housing materials include carbon and stainless steel and pressure ratings from 150 psi up to 1440 psi. The standard pressure rating is 150 psi.


  • Carbon and stainless steel construction. Optional epoxy lined housings are also available
  • ASME code stamp available
  • Housings have a unique V-bar cartridge guide for easy and accurate installation of 740 style cartridges
  • The 740 series cartridge has dual o-ring seals that seats itself as the housings cover is tightened, insuring no liquid bypass. No springs or cups are used.
  • Gauge ports and drain ports are pre-tapped making gauges and valves easy to install
  • A handle on the cover makes the vessel safer and easier to use than competitive vessels without this feature
  • Multiple closure o-ring materials are available including Viton (standard), Buna, EPDM, and PTFE encapsulated silicone