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Nowata P Series Housing

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Nowata P Series Housing

The Nowata P Series housing is especially suited for use with the Nowata high flow 644 PC series pleated cellulose filter cartridges.

Designed for long life, these multi-purpose, high flow, cartridge filter housings offer exceptional value. The vessels accept cartridges that are 44 inch long, by 6 inches outside diameter, by 3.5 inches inside diameter.

All P series filter housings are designed to ASME code standards for added quality assurance. The ASME code stamp is an optional feature. Housings are available in the standard horizontal design (shown) or optional vertical configuration.

The P series pleated cartridge filter housings are designed for use in many industrial applications including fuels, hydraulic oils, lube oils, seal oils, oil & water filtration, petroleum refining applications, pulp & paper industry, and power generation.


  • Construction material either carbon steel or 316 stainless steel
  • Aqueous flow rates to 4600 gpm and higher
  • 150 psi working pressure standard (Higher pressures available)
  • 150# flanged inlet and outlet connections are standard
  • 7 standard vessel sizes: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 18 cartridge models (Larger models also available)
  • 2″ FNPT internal pipe thread inlet chamber drain, 1” FNPT vessel clean chamber drain, and 1/2” FNPT vent are standard

Optional Features

  • Swing bolt closure for fast, easy cartridge replacement
  • Higher working pressures are available
  • Optional materials of construction are available
  • Larger models are available
  • Vertical (standard design) or horizontal configuration

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