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ProGuard FR Series

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ProGuard FR Series

The ProGuard FR Series automatic backflushing filter is specifically designed for the robust requirements of refinery streams. The filter is designed to minimize the backflush volumes while effectively removing contaminants.


  • Used in hydrocarbon refining, process water, coke cutting water
  • Continuous filtration with automatic self cleaning
  • Large filter surface area from pleated mesh filter elements
  • Wedge wire elements are also available
  • Low backflush rates and optimal cleaning of the filter elements improve filtration efficiency
  • Easy to service
  • Modular design to accommodate wide range of process flow rates
  • Filter ratings from 25 micron absolute and larger
  • ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Optional CE or CRN certification available
  • Worldwide network of distribution and service agents

Operating Principle

The medium being filtered flows via the inlet nozzle (1) into the filter housing and into the filter insert, which is open at the bottom (2). The medium passes through the filter element from the inside to the outside. During this process, contaminants are trapped on the inner side of the wire cloth. The filter housing contains a filter element with pleated wire cloth through which the medium flows and where contaminants are trapped (2).

The fully automatic backflush process starts when a defined differential pressure is reached or after a pre-set time interval. In order for the backflushing process to be efficient, there must be an operating overpressure on the outlet side (clean side) of the filter (3). When the differential pressure or the pre-set time interval triggers an automatic backflush process, the flush valve (5) opens and the gear motor (4) starts to turn the flushing nozzle (6), which is located in the filter element. Thereby the whole filter surface (2) passes the flushing nozzle.

The process medium that has already been filtered flows at high speed in the opposite direction through the vertical slot (7), which is located directly on the filter element. The trapped contaminants (7) are discharged from the system via the flush pipe. The flush valve closes again when the filter element has been turned approximately 400°, so that the backflush process is completed in only a few seconds. Operation is not interrupted during the cleaning cycle.

diagram 1

diagram 2

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