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SIlicone Fire Sleeve

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SIlicone Fire Sleeve

Silicone Fire Sleeve has a coating of specially compounded silicone rubber bonded to a low-density high bulk fiberglass sleeve. This unique combination offers a temporary barrier to flame penetration and provides long term mechanical/environmental protection. Applications include steel manufacturing plants, foundries, glass factories and welding/cutting shops. TEMPERATURE: Continuous: -65˚F to 500˚F Intermittent: -65˚F to 2000˚F TESTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH: UL-73, NFPA-250, ASTM-E84 Rubber Fab offers hose accessories and hose enhancements to meet specific needs during certain operations. However, other hose covers are available. Please consult the factory at 973-579-2959 with specific needs. Rubber Fab offers a variety of rubber hoses in different materials to meet virtually any sanitary hose application. Rubber Fab’s hose and hose assemblies always adhere to quality standards set forth by both the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries. Hose covers and accessories are also available.


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