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SPMF Filter

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SPMF filter bags are an excellent choice over cartridges for many applications and still offer absolute filtration. A series of different sieve opening layers achieves maximum surface area and longer life exceeding cartridge life substantially. SPMF bags do offer lower operating cost and still maintain the use of existing filter housings without the expense of new capital equipment.

All Strainrite SPMF High Efficient bags are totally welded with Strainrite’s proprietary welding techniques to assure no particulate bypass and best cleanliness.Strainrite’s chemically resistant polypropylene flange withstands and responds to increased flow rates and improves over high ranges of pressure, temperatures and microns. The molded (built-in) handles make quick and easy bag removal.

Strainrite’s SPMF bags are developed to deliver longer life and absolute filtration. Each inner component is developed specifically to achieve continuous finer filtration inside to out with gradual particulate removal separation.

Actual production runs have proven longer life and more effective clarity. 100% polypropylene construction, silicone free all in one easily disposable bag makes filtering very cost affective.
Strainrite’s SPMF filter bags give absolute micron filtration and are available in 1A, 5A, 10A and 25 A micron ratings. Strainrite’s bags replace expensive absolute rated cartridges by reducing filter costs due to bags having substantially more surface area.

Standard needle punched felt bags are made from nominally rated media that has a fiber structure that is not as fine a filtration grade as melt blown media used in Strainrite’s SPMF bags. These bags have been designed to deliver calibrated fractional efficiency on very small particles down to less than one micron. Strainrite’s SPMF bags are completely welded and welded to Strainrite’s snap type polypropylene molded flange.


  • Strainrite SPMF bags are available in 1A, 2A, 5A 10A and 25A absolute efficiencies. The bags are standard #2 size dimensions of 7” dia. X 30½” lg. Other sizes are available upon request.
  • All components used in SPMF bags are FDA/EC listed materials for food and beverage applications as well as pharmaceutical, micron-electronics, chemical, ink and paints, water treatment and for filtering amines in the oil industry.
  • Water filtration applications traditionally have been dominated by cartridge filtration which have substantially less surface area at much higher costs now can offer filter bags as a viable choice. SPMF bags outperform cartridges in terms of dirt holding, service and costs.
  • To assure maximum performance and efficiency for those ultra high applications, Strainrite SPMF bags are available with Strainrite’s zero bypass, 5 points of seal EDPM top flange and optional compression device that go hand in hand for ultimate filtration.
  • Filtering amines in the oil industry


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