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MS String Wound Filters

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MicroSentry™ MS String Wound Filters

MicroSentry™ string wound filters are widely recognized in the industry for high quality and last 2-3 times longer than the standard melt-blown or spun-bond alternatives. Due to the state-of-the-art production process of the MicroSentry™ MS Series, these string wound filters have higher filtration efficiency, superior dirt-holding capacity and repeatable performance. This is possible because of the precise geometric string patterns utilized in the creation of these filters. This results in a superior product that is ideal for filtering solids from both liquids and gasses. Independent testing has shown that this brand of string wound filters has the highest filtration efficiency in the industry.

The MicroSentry™ MS Series string wound filters come in a variety of materials and micron ratings and can be fully customized to suit your filtration needs. Customization of the fibers, core and size allows for maximum compatibility for various chemicals and high temperature applications.


  • Precision winding patterns ensure accurate filtration ratings and high retention efficiencies
  • Cutting edge computerized production machinery eliminates product variability
  • Various fibers and core materials for compatibility with a broad range of chemicals and high temperature applications
  • Suitable for filtration of liquids, compressed air and gases
  • Cost-effective and proven versus melt blown, spun-bond and resin-bonded cartridges
  • Available in standard 2 ½” and 4 ½” (BB Style) cartridge diameter configurations and other

Available Filter Media

  • Fribilated Polypropylene String Wound
  • FDA Bleached Cotton String Wound
  • Polyester String Wound
  • FDA Polypropylene String Wound
  • Glass Fiber String Wound
  • Nylon String Wound
  • Industrial Polypropylene String Wound
  • Rayon String Wound
  • Natural Cotton String Wound
  • Industrial Bleached Cotton String Wound

FDA and USP Compliance

FDA Bleached Cotton and FDA Polypropylene string wound filters are manufactured of materials that comply with FDA requirements for food contact per CFR Title 21

Flow Rate vs. Pressure Drop

string wound flow rate

This chart represents the typical flow rate of polypropylene media per 10” cartridge length. The test fluid is water at ambient temperature. Extrapolations for multiple lengths tend to be linear, but as flows increase the differential pressure across the housing becomes more apparent.

Filter Media Compatibility Chart

We offer a wide variety of filter media to accommodate various application needs. The chart below shows the compatibility level of each filter media with chemicals commonly used in process filtration.

Filter MediumFDA CottonCottonFDA PolypropyleneIndustrial PolypropyleneRayonPolyesterGlass FiberNylon
Compatible With
Potable liquids, water40403311
Organic Solvents44334444
Organic Acids33443342
Oxidizing Acids22112342
Strong Inorganic Acids00441240
Dilute Inorganic Acids22442341
0 = Not Recommended, 1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Good, 4 = Excellent

Ordering Guide

We’ve provided the following interactive chart to assist in the ordering process. Choose from the options below, build your part number and use it when ordering or requesting a quote.

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Part Number

+ Available without end cap

Product Specifications

Filter TypeDepth
Filter RatingNominal
Micron Ratings0.5 to 150
Lengths4 ¾” to 40”
Outside Diameter2” to 4 ½”
MediasPolypropylene, Cotton, Polyester, Glass Fiber, Nylon, Rayon
Core MaterialsPolypropylene, Stainless Steel or Tin Steel
ApplicationsWater, Food & Beverage, Oils & Gases, Process Fluids, Industrial