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Tri-Clamp Sight Glass

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Tri-Clamp Sight Glass Fittings

Tri-Clamp sight glass fittings, also called flow sights, can be used as a sanitary, inline solution for observing the flow of fluid in a closed-loop liquid process. Sight glass fittings are particularly useful in filtration systems as they provide an additional means of determining when a filter needs to be replaced.

These sight glass fittings use tri-clamp connections and are completely sanitary, making them perfect for food grade and pharmaceutical applications. The sight glass itself is made of 100% borosilicate glass encased in 316L stainless steel housing. A seal is formed between the stainless steel and borosilicate glass using EPDM gaskets.

Product Specifications

Pipe ConnectionsTri-Clamp
Pipe Material316L Stainless Steel
Sight Glass MaterialBorosilicate (Pyrex)
Inner Seal MaterialEPDM Rubber