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The ErtelAlsop Vapor-Master® enclosed plate and frame filter press permits filtration of harmful and/or volatile fluids in a completely sealed, vapor-tight environment for both venting and the safe disposal or recovery of filtrate or cake residue. This patented design eliminates exposure of workers to toxic vapors from solvents used in cake washing during the extraction process.

The Vapor-Master® hood can be closed manually or with an optional joystick system. In either case, dual stainless steel and Teflon® pistons provide smooth operation and maintain accurate hood alignment. The self-aligning stainless steel cover has a precision machined sealing rim and tight fitting sealing gasket. The entire sealing perimeter is covered by an ErtelAlsop designed Viton® seal. Other gasketing material can be supplied.

For applications requiring cake recovery from the Vapor-Master®, we offer the addition of a Mobile Cake Recovery Module. This portable cake pan seals in place to the bottom of the Vapor-Master® enclosure with a locking cam system during the filtration run. At the end of the cycle, when the filter cake is removed, the module can be released from the bottom of the unit and moved away for further processing.

Standard Height39.37 in (1.0 m)45.75 in (1.16 m)59.18 in (1.50 m)
Standard Width17.72 in (0.45 m)30.0 in (0.76 m)30.0 in (0.76 m)
Range of Length29.5 – 78.6 in (0.75 – 2.0 m)39.4 – 157.5 in (1.0 – 4.0 m)51.2 – 240.2 in (1.3 – 6.1 m)
Plate Dimension12 in square (305 mm)12 in square (305 mm)12 in square (305 mm)
Ports4 internal4 internal4 internal
Area/Filter Sheet0.82 ft2 (0.076 m2)1.42 ft2 (0.132 m2)3.6 ft2 (0.33 m2)
Cake Vol./12.5 mm inlet0.20 gal (0.74 l)0.40 gal (1.52 l)0.99 gal (3.76 l)
Cake Vol./25 mm inlet0.38 gal (1.45 l)0.90 gal (3.39 l)1.99 gal (7.53 l)
Cake Vol./37.5 mm inlet0.57 gal (2.17 l)1.38 gal (5.21 l)2.98 gal (11.29 l)
Cake Vol./50 mm inlet0.76 gal (2.89 l)1.92 gal (7.27 l)3.98 gal (15.06 l)
Batch SizeUp to 2,642 gal (10,000 l)Up to 6,604 gal (25,000 l)Up to 13,208 gal (50,000 l)
Flow RateUp to 20 gpm (74 lpm)Up to 50 gpm (190 lpm)Up to 50 gpm (190 lpm)