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VPH Series Filter Housings

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VPH Series Filter Housings

VPH Series filter housings are virgin polypropylene housings for high purity applications that are an economical alternative to stainless steel housings.  Constructed of 100% natural polypropylene with Viton O-ring for minimal extractables.  Meets FDA requirement for potable water, food and beverage applications.  Available in standard single (10″) and double (20″) length housings.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Cartridge
  • Sizes: 9 3/4″, 10″ or 20″
  • Number of Cartridges: 1
  • Materials of Construction: 100% Natural Polypropylene construction with Viton O-ring for minimal extractables
  • Closures: Double open end or 222
  • Flow Rate: 125 psig
  • Class: Industrial
  • Applications: Water,Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Electronics, DI Water, Inks / Paints / Coatings, Coolants, Pulp & Paper


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