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WRPF Wax Removal Bag

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Case of 10

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WRPF Wax Removal Bag

Protecting the life of your lenticular is extremely important in lowering the overall cost of dewaxing botanical extraction. The WRPF Wax Removal Bags were designed with enhanced vertical pleats which provides much higher “dirt holding” capacity when compared to standard felt #2 size filter bags. The additional surface area allows for more wax removal capacity and can help to extend the life of lenticular filters used in the dewaxing process.

Strainrite’s Product Development Team worked closely with CBD and other botanical extractor customers to perform full scale process testing. This testing along with customer feedback were critical to determine the final combination of materials and optimal surface area to improve the end users’ overall cost of ownership and result in lower cost per gallon of final product.

Strainrite’s WRPF Wax Removal Pre-Filter was developed to address a need to lower the cost of the dewaxing step and offer a product that will stand up to temperatures below -20C. The WRPF bags are a great low-cost pre-filter option for cannabis, edible oils, flavors and fragrances. Their high surface area is designed for longer life, more wax removal, and reduced labor costs with less frequent change-outs.


  • Fits standard #2 size filter bag housing
  • Protects lenticular filters during dewaxing of botanical extraction
  • Enhanced vertical pleats provide high surface area for better wax removal
  • Lowers cost of dewaxing
  • Meets FDA CFR 21 standards for contact with food and beverages


  • Botanical extraction
  • Post processing
  • Cannabis extraction
  • Flavors and fragrances


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Product Specifications

Bag sizeStandard #2 size 7" x 32"
Removal RatingFine Pre-filter
Maximum Differential Pressure25 psid