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X-Tra Life Filter

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X-Tra Life Filter

X-TRA Life filter bags utilize state-of-the-art needling technology providing outstanding filtration performance in a variety of applications. Strainrite’s polyester and polypropylene X-TRA Life materials utilize a proprietary fiber blend configuration to create a media that is heavier, thicker and stronger than standard felted media.

This formulation delivers enhanced efficiencies, without increasing initial differential pressure. Both the POXL and PEXL bags are ideal for removing gels, irregular shaped particles in liquid streams with a wide particle size distribution.

X-TRA Life filter bags are available in designs that comply with both FDA and EC requirements for Food and Beverage contact.


  • Field tests are verifying that our POXL and PEXL filters last an average of 2 to 4 times longer than conventional bags
  • Reduced operating costs due to fewer bag changeouts
  • Reduced labor costs associated with fewer bag changes
  • Reduced disposal cost
  • Increased productivity due to staying online longer between changeouts
  • Thermally treated fabric finish which virtually eliminates the possibility of fiber migration
  • Fully welded construction utilizing our Sure-Weld technology is standard on POXL bags


  • General Chemical
  • Produced Water from Gas Drilling
  • Process Water
  • Food and Beverage
  • Paints and Coatings

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