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Zeta-Pak Depth Filter

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Zeta-Pak® Lenticular Filter Cartridges

Zeta-Pak® lenticular filter modules are manufactured with MicroMedia providing a relatively high flow rate, zeta potential and superior retention of ultra-fine particles. The Zeta-Pak® is versatile across a wide range of applications and provides the greatest retention efficiencies of all media series.

Depth filtration is often best utilized when high solids need to be removed to protect downstream filters and equipment. Commonly, depth filters also serve to protect downstream membrane filters and other equipment.

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Botanical Extract Filtration

Pak lenticular filters with Micro-Media containing diatomaceous earth are particularly effective in botanical extract filtration as the large surface area of the lenticular filter allows for high flowrate while the diatomaceous earth filter aid efficiently removes waxes and lipids.

Materials of Construction

Materials of construction are kept to a minimum to enhance chemical compatibility and product safety. As described elsewhere, the filters contain media (cellulose, DE or Perlite, and wet strength resin), plastic support components, and stainless steel when appropriate. Gasket materials are selected for the application and are described in the Selection Guide above.

Spec Sheets

Product Specifications

Filter TypeDepth
Filter RatingNominal
Micron Ratings0.25 to 15 micron
Diameter12″ or 16″
MediasAll cellulose, Cellulose with filter aid (Perlite or DE) and resin binders; Cellulose with carbon
Materials of Construction (core)Polypropylene
End CapDouble O-Ring or Flat Gaskets
Number of Cells5 to 18

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