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ZetaDri-Pak® Depth Filter

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ZetaDri-Pak® Depth Filter Cartridges

ZetaDri-Pak® water removing depth filter cartridges combine all the benefits of depth filtration with the ability to capture free and emulsified water from your product. Easy change out, low labor costs, optimized filtration area and high solids loading are just some of the benefits the ZetaDri-Pak® offers.

Typical applications for the ZetaDri-Pak® include removing water from silicones, oil based food products, and specialty chemicals.  It also eliminates water induced hazes in clarifying the oils.  Available in all grades of ErtelAlsop Media, the ZetaDri-Pak® can be used in numerous applications where water is a problem. The 16-cell MicroMedia ZetaDri-Pak® holds a minimum of 148 ounces of water.  From flavorings to oils, the ZetaDri-Pak® cartridges provide the retention level your application requires.

Product Specifications

  • Filter Type: Depth
  • Filter Rating: Nominal
  • Micron Ratings: 0.25 to 15 micron
  • Diameter: 12″ or 16″
  • Medias: All cellulose (no resins, binders, filters or synthetic micro fibers); Cellulose with filter aid (Perlite or DE) and resin binders; Cellulose with carbon
  • Materials of Construction (core): Polypropylene core and supports
  • End Cap: Flat Gaskets
  • Applications: Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Process Fluids, Oil & Gas, Industrial
  • Number of Cells: 5 to 18